Many of you may recognize Indelible Stain’s lead vocalist from his audition on The Voice UK, where he sang a rocking rendition of The Jonas Brothers Sucker. While he didn’t get a chair to turn, he did manage to get the judges grooving and singing along in the chairs, and the audience on their feet, showcasing his ability to command the stage and bring joy to those who hear him. What many of you may not know about Grant Tuffs, is that he began his music career as a drummer. That’s right; Grant started drumming when he was in Grade 7, before pushing his way forward to take up singing, where he has been confidently commanding the stage for the past seven years. His tenacity and passion for music continue to spur him on his musical journey and these qualities, coupled with his innate natural talent, brought him to Devine Lie.

When I decided that I wanted to switch the direction in which the band was going and try our hand at a more mainstream sound, I felt that the best way to do this was by incorporating a vocalist who could infuse our particular style with a contemporary spin. After hearing Grant’s audition, I knew that he was exactly what the band needed to transition into the industry’s more current trends.

Working with Grant has been an absolute pleasure, and I’m grateful that part of his passion for singing and writing music includes a love for new projects and working with fellow musicians. Through collaboration, he believes that we are able to ‘get the best out of each other’ and that’s certainly how I feel about our latest album! Indelible Stain is not only a great collaboration between two talented individuals, but it is also an exemplary example of the kind of artistic potential that musical connoisseurs can achieve when they work together.

Take a listen to our tenth studio album today on YouTube, or Spotify, and let us know what you think!