The moment we’ve all been eagerly anticipating has finally arrived – the release of the fifth track from our 11th studio album, “Kiss of Storms.” But this one isn’t just another track; it’s the very heart and soul of our album, bearing its namesake. Personally, this song is a standout for me, as it was the catalyst behind the entire album’s creation. It’s where I decided to explore the intricate themes of pain, frustration, disillusionment with leaders, and the complexities of love and life.

The creative process behind “Kiss of Storms” was as intricate as the emotions it encapsulates. It all began with an idea, as all great creations do. From that initial spark, I embarked on the challenging journey of translating those raw emotions into melodies and lyrics. Crafting melodies typically starts with me on the keyboard or guitar, meticulously layering each instrument to sculpt the song’s unique sound. It’s a time-consuming process, but it’s vital to ensure that the music authentically conveys the depth of our feelings and the overarching themes of the album.

Simultaneously, I delved into crafting the lyrics, carefully selecting words that not only resonate with the current track but also echo the broader message of our band. It’s a delicate balance, making sure that every word and note harmonizes seamlessly with our artistic vision.

Bringing this album and my creative vision to life has been an incredibly gratifying experience. My ultimate hope is that the music we’ve composed transcends the realm of mere songs, offering you, our cherished listeners, a profound emotional journey. My aim has always been to convey the unwavering passion with which I approach all of my artistic endeavors.

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Thank you for your steadfast support. Here’s to the tempestuous emotions that define “Kiss of Storms.”

Cheers, Nigel