Our newest release, Nothing to Me, tells the story of the aftermath of love that’s been lost – something I’m sure we can all relate to. It journeys through the feelings of anger and hurt, which is so often what we experience when we’ve been hurt by our partner, and is an expression of this frustration directed at the one who deceived them.  Part of the reflection on the loss is the reality – or, perhaps, the imagined reality – that that person now means nothing: hence the title of the song.

Honestly, this is my favourite track off the album and features a more guitar-focused sound – which contributed heavily to my love of the track itself, as I love playing my Aria Pro 11. This guitar lends a lot of variety to the track in terms of tone, and to complement this, I mainly used my VOX amp in place of my Shaman G20, to compose this song.

I hope you’ve been enjoying listening to our tenth studio album, Indelible Stain, as much as I enjoyed creating it. You may have noticed that there has been a slight change in the themes of this album, as we have moved towards more contemporary expressions around the topic of love and hurt, specifically hurt directed at past relationships, in addition to our usual politically inspired works – which you’ll hear us come back to later in the album.

You can check out the latest video here and remember to let us know how you feel about the album and our shift to a more contemporary style by dropping a like and comment.