Indelible Stain

Devine Lie’s tenth studio album, Indelible Stain, will transport listeners to distant lands and celestial spaces. Our lyrical evolution will take you on a journey to release and heal from everyday pain and the collaboration with the Voice UK’s own Grant Tuffs is sure to leave you mesmerized.

– written, produced and performed by Devine Lie.

Album cover for Indelible stain

Devine Lie

Takes the Spotlight in the Latest Edition of

PowerPlay Magazine

Since the launch of Indelible Stain, Devine Lie has been making continuous waves in the music industry.

The latest achievement is a feature in the well-renowned rock and metal magazine PowerPlay. The feature, a two-page spread, describes our sound, touches on our musical influences and our band line-up, and shares some interesting information about the man behind the music, Mr. Nigel Nicholls himself.
We want say a massive thank you to the incredible team at PowerPlay for this awesome feature, which you can check out below:

View the full PowerPlay issue here: