Devine Lie founder Nigel Nicholls has announced a new music video for the song Steal the Light from the Trees, debuting this Friday, 18 September 2020.

The new song is from the album On Top of the World, released in 2017. According to Nigel, the album blends instruments and vocals that take the listener on a journey of introspection and the new video continues that journey with visuals that bring the song to life.

The 11-track album, On Top of the World, was recorded in Barbados, allowing the band to gather inspiration from Devine Lie’s previous work and create something that represents their journey forward. Nigel took the period to explore thoughts around love and the passing of time and created the mesmeric Steal the Light from the Trees.

The new video debuts this Friday and promises to be an enthralling experience that reiterates the band’s dedication to exploring art, words and video elements that deliver to their long time as well as new fanbase.

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On Top of the World Tracklist

  1. On Top of The World
  2. Make Me Smile
  3. What Is Love
  4. Mortal Tears
  5. Tomorrows Just Yesterday
  6. Barquentine’s Gasp
  7. Touch
  8. Just an Ordinary Everyday African Dictator
  9. Steal the Light from The Trees
  10. Dangerous
  11. Barbaric Nights