Devine Lie to release their much-anticipated album, Regeneration

Out 5 March 2021– After building overwhelming anticipation, Devine Lie delivers a compelling full-length album. Ready just in time for 2021, the 15-track album comprises the best work from their first five albums.

Devine Lie reflected on previous material and remastered a selection of songs by using the latest mixing and mastering tools. Through this process, they were able to create a dynamic new album using elements from their original songs.

Take a transformative journey with Devine Lie. A journey of regeneration.

– written, produced and performed by Devine Lie.


  1. Devine Lies
  2. I’m Waiting for my man
  3. Reach Up
  4. My Blood Runs Cold
  5. Save It FOr Yourself
  6. Underground
  7. Sounds Like Heaven
  8. Tic Toc Tic Toc
  9. Shadow Aspect

10. I Want To Have It Easy

11. Love In The Shadows

12. Troubled Times

13. A Slender Thread

14. Take The Knife

15. Dromoland