Meet Grant Tuffs our album’s lead vocalist

Meet Grant Tuffs – our album’s lead vocalist

Many of you may recognize Indelible Stain’s lead vocalist from his audition on The Voice UK, where he sang a rocking rendition of The Jonas Brothers Sucker. While he didn’t get a chair to turn, he did manage to get the judges grooving and singing along in the chairs, and the audience on their feet, showcasing his ability to command …

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Indelible Stain album cover art

We’re back with a brand-new track!

Feelings you Hide in your Heart is the first release off our latest album Last year, we released our album Regeneration, a remastered version of all our greatest hits taken from previous compilations. Revisiting our band’s lifetime and the array of hits Devine Lie has produced over the past 18 years was a humbling experience, to say the least. Reflecting …

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