How to make it as an independent artist

Guy holding a guitar in the air

There are a few tips that can ensure becoming a successful independent artist. It can be a scary thought but know that there are musicians who have done it in the past, and there are musicians who will do it in the future. Make use of the all the information available to you, and don’t […]

Interview with Nigel

Acoustic guitar

In an interview with Nigel Nicholls, a founding member of Devine Lie, he answered a few questions about the group as well as his personal journey with music. How long was he involved with music before Devine Lie? Nigel Nicholls started playing the guitar at 13. He had his first group at 15 called Notlob, which […]

How the consumption of music has changed

Audio mixing board

The internet is the reason the music industry will never be the same. Record labels are losing out big time, and it’s making more and more sense for artists to release music independently. This generation can stream their music online, interact with fans, and manage their careers, all using the internet. The evolution of music […]

New CD Launch – Constantly Disappointed Toleration

Constantly Disappointed Toleration album cover

With this new album, Devine Lie encourages you to take a journey with an unknown destination: Exploring and discovering along the way. “Devine Lie returned to the studio in early 2017 to start working on their 8th studio album, Constantly Disappointed Toleration. The new album showcases Devine Lie’s evolution and ability to continuously deliver stimulating and […]

Exploring the evolution of alternative music

Alternative music Silhouette of a man holding a microphone

Alternative music became popular in the 1990s and the term was used to describe the bands involved in the early 1990s phenomenon of independently recorded music which gained commercial success. As a specific genre, alternative rock does not refer to one specific style of music. There are various numerous sub-genres that fall under “alternative music”, […]