Constantly Disappointed Toleration

Devine Lie returned to the studio in early 2017 to start working on their 8th studio album, Constantly Disappointed Toleration. The new album showcases Devine Lie’s evolution and ability to continuously deliver stimulating and thought-provoking adult contemporary sound. Released on all platforms on 16th August 2019, the album features singles such as the lead single, Constantly Disappointed Toleration, the politically charged African Skies, Stay, and a cover of Jefferson Airplane’s famed, Somebody to Love. The album covers everything, including topics such as frustration, pain, fear, trauma, loss and hurt which are just as necessary in life as delight, happiness, joy, love and satisfaction and tries to balance the in-between.


– written, produced and performed by Devine Lie.



1. Constantly Disappointed Toleration

2. Emotional Meltdown

3. Somebody to Love

4. The Puzzle Tree

5. Take It All

6. Looking Forward to My Past

7. Stay

8. Tears of Blood

9. African Skies

10. When It’s Time

11. Time’s Only Borrowed

12. The Incredible Genesis of King Jethro’s Pink Gong